Mass Spectromety Organizing Committee

Steven J Soldin

Senior Scientist
National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Biography: Steven Soldin is a Senior scientist at NIH. He is also an Adjunct Full ReadMore...

Research Interest: Tandem mass spectrometry, Analytical science

Ragu Ramanathan

Director of Global Small Molecule Bioanalysis

Biography: Ragu Ramanathan is a Director of Global Small Molecule Bioanalysis in ReadMore...

Research Interest: Mass Spectrometry, Chromatography, Drug Metabolism , Pharmac ReadMore...

Eduard Rogatsky

Research Scientist
Wadsworth Center, Albany NY,

Biography: Eduard Rogatsky serves as the Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Chrom ReadMore...

Research Interest: Design and development of ultra sensitive LC/MS, analytical ReadMore...

Miral Dizdaroglu

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Biography: Dizdaroglu has obtained his PhD at the Karlsruhe Technical University, ReadMore...

Research Interest: Measurement of DNA repair proteins in cancer by mass spectro ReadMore...

Natalie Homer

Mass Spectrometry Core Manager
University of Edinburgh
United Kingdom

Biography: She received doctorate in 1998 from University of Strathclyde and man ReadMore...

Research Interest: Mass Spectrometry, Clinical Research Chromatography, Exogen ReadMore...

Alexander A Sysoev

National Research Nuclear University MEPhI

Biography: Alexander A Sysoev is the head of the,National Research Nuclear Univer ReadMore...

Research Interest: analytical chemistry, ionization processes, ion optics, and ReadMore...

Roman A. Zubarev

Karolinska Institute,

Biography: Roman Zubarev was trained (M.Sc.) in Engineering Physics in Moscow, an ReadMore...

Research Interest: Mass Spectrometry, Analytical Chemistry

Elliot R. Bernstein

Colorado State University,

Biography: Bernstein received his Ph.D. degree from Caltech and was a post doctor ReadMore...

Research Interest: Mass Spectrometry, photoelectron spectroscopy

Marek M Kowalczuk

University of Wolverhampton,

Biography: Marek M Kowalczuk received his PhD degree in 1984 from the Faculty of ReadMore...

Research Interest: Novel mass spectrometry techniques for analysis of polymers ReadMore...

Ali Mohammad-Djafari

Research Director

Biography: Dr. Ali Mohammad-Djafari received the B.Sc. degree in electrical engin ReadMore...

Research Interest: Mass Spectrometry and Bayesian solutions

Wenjie Cao

SABIC Technology and Innovation Center
Saudi Arabia

Biography: Wenjie Cao received Ph.D. from Professor John Calvin Giddings’ Group ReadMore...

Research Interest: ESI, APCI to MMI and APPI, Mass Spectrometry, LC-MS

Purushottam Chakraborty 

Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics,

Biography: Prof Purushottam Chakraborty is an ex- senior professor of Saha Instit ReadMore...

Research Interest: SIMS, Mass Spectrometry

Mostafa El-Sayed

Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
United States

Biography: B.Sc., Ain Shams U. Cairo, Egypt; Ph.D., Florida State University; Pos ReadMore...

Research Interest: Professor El-Sayed's research group is housed in the Laser D ReadMore...

Shobini Jayaraman

Senior Research Scientist
Boston University School of Medicine
United States

Biography: Shobini Jayaraman is a senior research scientist at Boston University ReadMore...

Research Interest: Lipo proien metabolism

Jianjun Liu

Shenzhen Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Biography: Jianjun Liu has been studying the mechanisms of TCE-induced hepatotoxi ReadMore...

Research Interest: Mass Spectrometry, SET-mediated protein phosphorylation in T ReadMore...

Luigi Silvestro

3S-Pharmacological Consultation & Res. GmbH,

Biography: Dr. L Silvestro graduated in Medicine in Turin (Italy) in 1984 and spe ReadMore...

Research Interest: Pharmacology, HPLC-MS etc.

Lianming Wu

United States

Biography: Lianming Wu obtained a Ph.D. in mass spectrometry (MS) from Purdue Uni ReadMore...

Research Interest: Mass Spectrometry, Ambient mass spectrometry (AMS)

Yi Chen

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Biography: Yi Chen received his PhD in 1990 from Institute of Chemistry, Chinese ReadMore...

Research Interest: Mass Spectrometry, nano-electrospray ionization, alternating ReadMore...

Lilian Regina Barros Mariutti

University of Campinas

Biography: Lilian Mariutti is a Researcher in the Department of Food Science of ReadMore...

Research Interest: Mass Spectrometry, APCI-MS/MS detection, MS applications

Makhapa Makhafola

General Manager
South Africa

Biography: Dr Makhafola is currently the General Manager: Research & Development ReadMore...

Research Interest: Analytical Chemistry

Harika Vemula

Senior Scientist /ASMS member
Merck MSD, Missouri, USA
United States

Biography: Harika Vemula, PhD in Analytical Chemistry with strong background in a ReadMore...

Research Interest: Analytical method development, chromatographic separations, ReadMore...